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Tourism Expo Japan 2018

Дата проведения: 20 - 23 сентября 2018 г.
Место проведения: Токио, Япония
Контакты: Факс: 81(0)35510-2004
E-mail: 81(0)35510-2004
Сайт: http://www.t-expo.jp/en/public/

Тourism EXPO Japan began as a tourism event in 2014.

A large number of exhibitors gather together from various countries and regions all over the world just for this event to show off the appeal of their country or region to the expo’s attendees.

Tourism EXPO Japan is the only event where attendees can enjoy feeling as if they’re already on vacation, with elaborate booths for regions and sightseeing destinations from all over Japan and the rest of the world, while receiving information tailored to their own personal travel goals and preferences.

There will be stage performances by both domestic performers and those from abroad, and guests will be able to dance along with these performers and come in contact with the local culture of each region. Guests will also be able to try cuisine from both Japan and overseas and undoubtedly leave satisfied.

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